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Welcome to the FIREFLY project website. This FP7 project started in October 2011 and is aimed at the development of new optical components, which will make it possible to transmit data in optical domain on the board, along with novel assembly strategies and technologies.

This site presents the vision, objectives and participants of the project, that started on October 1, 2011, and will continue for three years. The progress of the research will be published regularly on this website.

FIREFLY Final results - January 2015

After more than three years of intensive research, FIREFLY is ending. The final results will be presented to the EC on January 30. See Newsletter 3 for an overview of these final results.


Although the final demonstrator has not yet been completely finalized it will show that we made it possible to combine the following new components in one PIC:

• 1550 nm embedded VCSEL

• Imprinted waveguide stack made of Ormocer® materials

• 45 degree mirror, guiding light from the VCSEL into waveguide stack

• glass fibre connected to the waveguide stack


• Design and modelling of components and lay-out (Tyndall, TE Connectivity)

• Silicon processing (TNO)

• VCSEL manufacturing (Vertilas)

• VCSEL placement (Imec, TE Connectivity)

• Material development (Momentive, TNO, Utrecht University)

• Waveguide manufacturing (VTT, IBM, TNO)

• Mirror manufacturing (Imec, VTT, TNO)

• Photonic Crystal structures (not yet part of the PIC; TNO)

• Fiber coupling (TE Connectivity)

New publications about FIREFLY research have been uploaded under Publications.