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1. Project fact sheet
2. Project summary
3. Press release 21-11-2011
4. Project presentation 1-10-2011
5. Project presentation SPIE Photonics Europe 17 April 2012
6. Presentation SPIE Photonics West 05 Febr 2013
7. EPIC EVENT REPORT Photonics West 2013
8. Invited lecture Boersma SPIE Photonic West 2013 
9. Presentation Boersma; Photonica Event April 2013 Veldhoven NL 
10. Presentation Bosma and Van Steenberge; Photonica Event April 2013 Veldhoven NL
11. Flip-chip optical couplers with scalable I/O count for silicon photonics (Soganci, IBM)  
12. Presentation Van Steenberge; European Cluster for Optical Interconnects Workshop; 25 September 2013
13. Poster Umar Khan and Brian Corbett, Tyndall; Photonic Crystal Based Optical Interconnects; 4-6 Sept 2013
14. Poster Tia Korhonen, VTT; UV-Imprinted Single-Mode Polymer Waveguides for Optical Interconnections; Oct. 2013
15. Presentation Mikko Karpinnen, VTT; Multilayer Single-mode Polymeric Waveguides; Photonics West Feb. 2014
16. Poster Mikko Karpinnen, VTT; Imprinted Single-Mode Polymer Waveguides for Optical Interconnections;March 2014
17. Paper Multilayer single-mode polymeric waveguides by imprint patterning for optical interconnects, VTT 2014
18. Assembly of Optoelectronics for Efficient Chip-to-Waveguide Coupling, E. Bosman, Imec, 2014
19. Publication: Design, fabrication and characterization of nano-imprinted single mode waveguide structures for intra-chip optical communications